Rama Nicholas will come back to Würzburg!


We invite all of you to come back to Würzburg for some workshop fun on November 30th/December 1st! The wonderful Rama Nicholas from Melbourne/Australia will return and bring her workshop „Close to you...“ about love, romance and intimacy on stage. The workshop is suited for everyone who rehearses with an ensemble on a regular basis, has some experience performing improvisation on the stage, and is happy to explore! Click here to register or read on for more info.

About the workshop:

Romantic relationships, love, sex and intimacy are universal themes. We see them in film, theatre and music all the time. In improv, however, it seems to be different. We rarely see truly romantic love scenes and we almost never hear honest conversations about sex. The idea of entering such personal territory easily freaks us out. It's vulnerability at its purest... And yet, opening up to these themes can make our scene work much richer.

How do we electrify the audience with our sexual energy without being explicit? How do we touch their hearts as Shakespeare did in Romeo and Juliet? In this workshop, Rama Nicholas creates a relaxed and safe environment where you can get to the bottom of these questions, explore your fears around intimacy on stage, build trust and break down barriers. Performing love scenes is a skill like any other and it can be learned. It just takes trust, bravery, honesty, and a willingness to take risks you might have never taken before.

The workshop language is English.

About Rama:

Rama Nicholas is a multi-award-winning comedian, actor, improviser, writer and director from Melbourne/Australia. She is known for her critically acclaimed one-woman multi-character solo shows, which are a unique blend of intricate character comedy and incredible storytelling. Rama is an original member of the acclaimed ‘Orcas Island Project’; fifteen experienced improvisers from around the world come together every year to create and perform cutting edge improvised theatre. She is the creator of three highly sort after improvisation formats and workshops – ‘Close to you’, ‘The Wishing Tree’ and ‘Gypsyprov’ which have been showcased in many countries. Rama travels the world performing, directing and teaching improvisation with numerous international theatre companies and festivals. Her philosophy as a teacher and performer is to always be curious and creative. Improvisation is an art-form to be explored, with endless possibilities for the craft whether it be comedic or dramatic truth; she aims to truly inspire.


11/30/19 & 12/01/19
12 hours
Saturday: 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM & 2.30 PM - 5.30 PM 
Sunday: 10.00 AM - 1.00 PM & 2.30 PM - 5.30 PM 
Workshop: 225 € (regular) 195 € (discount)
Accommodation: 27,50 per night at the Youth Hostel
If you'd like to participate, just fill out the 
registration form.