Take the plunge!

Participants: Level 3 and higher
Lisa Rowland from San Francisco / USA
The workshop will be taught in English

Hey guys! Prepare for a whole lot of energy and boldness! Remember this situation? You're on stage, you're getting a suggestion from the audience, you feel inspired, you start playing... but the scene doesn't really take off. It starts somewhere in Nowhereland where nothing happens and nothing changes and it becomes more and more difficult to build on something that hasn't really been anything to begin with. In this workshop, Lisa Rowland will show you ways how to avoid the ramp-up into a scene and, instead, dive straight into the dynamic heart of it by more deeply exploring the who/what/where with momentum, energy and boldness. You will be doing scenework focussing on hitting the ground, stage picture, theatricality and rapid fire creation of a world. Come on board and take the plunge!


Lisa Rowland is a San Francisco based improvisor. She has been improvising, teaching and training for more than 15 years. After graduating from Stanford University, she joined the performing company of BATS Improv, Northern California's most renowned improv performing and training center, and has been teaching and performing improvisation across the country and world ever since. Lisa is a member of Improv Playhouse of San Francisco with which she has headlined for several national improv festivals. In 2012, Lisa was voted Best Actress in the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

For more info on Lisa, visit www.lisarowland.net