Digging Deeper: Uncovering new ways to make contact with the audience

Participants: Level 4
Instructor: Maja Dekleva Lapajne from Ljubljana/Slovenia

The workshop will be taught in English

Improv is known for its genuine and direct contact with the audience that allows everyone in the room to influence the events we create on stage. We break the fourth wall without breaking a sweat. But if so, shouldn’t we try and push further? Forget the walls - it’s time to start digging underneath the floorboards...

In this workshop we will be delve deep into the wide field of contact with the audience. We will take inspiration from other contemporary performative artforms and explore what our own artform has to offer. We will learn how to deal with audience's expectations as well as our own ones: What do we expect from the audience? What do we expect from ourselves? We will discover the kind of barriers that exist between actor and spectator, and challenge ourselves to bend the boundaries between “us” and “them”.


Maja Dekleva Lapajne lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and works as a freelancer in the field of contemporary theatre. She is a director and a performer, the artistic director of internationally acclaimed Kolektiv Narobov and of the Naked Stage Festival and a member of an international theatre collective Orcas Island Project. She has worked in various different projects and mediums - from clown theatre and contemporary dance to radio, television and film - but her main focus and passion has always been improvisation.