Awkward Dinner Party

Friday, October 26th 2018 // Mainfranken Theater // 8.30 PM
An exciting mix of short- and long-form improv // In English

A couple throws a dinner party. Only one person shows up. This is the premise for the acclaimed San Francisco improv show Awkward Dinner Party, created in 2008 by Lisa Rowland and Dave Dennison. Over the course of the night, we get to see a couple handle their unexpected evening and explore what happens for them when things don't go as planned - secrets may be revealed, confessions made, dynamics shifted, or characters may be brought even closer together. As the story continues it will be punctuated by short-form songs and scenes presenting wildly new worlds. In the middle of it all sits one awkward guest who is along for the ride.

Enjoy a night of strong, realistic, multi-faceted characters who may not only make you laugh but cry, yell, or sigh in sympathy.

Music by Jan Höcker.

in advance: €11.00 (discount €9.00) plus advance booking fee
box office:
€14.00 (discount €12.00)

Sorry, already sold out!

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