A man, a woman, and the hidden tracks of their story // Performed in English
Friday, October 28th 2016 // TheaterWerkstatt // 11.15 pm

Tonight we will witness the lives of two people who have changed each other, failed each other and learned from each other. All the things they cannot put in words but that somehow have to be expressed, will make themselves heard through music: The unexpected moment of feeling love again after many years, the times of misunderstandings, of talking past each other. This show will reveal the things we so easily overlook in our preoccupied lives: Little gestures, messages between the lines and opportunities for change that pass if we don't seize them. Every relationship has its B-Side.

A format, that premiered in Würzburg and will now be revived by performers of the international festival-ensemble. Developed and directed by Jim Libby (Vienna/Austria). Music by Kai Müller.

in advance: €9.50 (discount €7.50) plus advance booking fee
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€11.50 (discount €9.50)

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