Close to you...

Friday, 29th of November 2019 // theater ensemble // 8.30 PM
Heartfelt improv
presented by performers from Germany and Europe // In English

Romantic love scenes are an essential part of almost any movie, not only the cheesy Hollywood blockbusters. Love is a strong magnet for an audience and we enjoy feeling and suffering with the protagonists. In improvisation we rarely get to see truthful love stories. Tonight, however, will be different. In this show the actors will let the audience in on the quiet and intimate moments of life that sometimes bring us closer together – and sometimes pull us farther apart.

This show has got it all: The euphoria of a new love, the ups and downs of a longterm relationship, passion, break-ups, reconciliation. In „Close to you...“ an international ensemble presents the complexity and lightness of love.

Created and directed by Rama Nicholas (Melbourne / Australia).

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in advance: €11,50 (discount €8,00) plus booking fee
box office: €14,00 (discount €11,00)

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