Europe 2121

Saturday, October 27th 2018 // Mainfranken Theater // 8.30 PM
Boundary-pushing improvised theatre ready to transform you // In English

Was it war, climate change, economic collapse? We don't know, but now most of Europe is uninhabitable. In Europe 2121 we join a motley crew of Europeans in a Siberian refugee camp, as they invent memories of the "good old times" while trying to rebuild their lives in a tropical hell. Expect stillness, anarchy, warmth, grace, outrage, clumsiness, beauty and the occasional murder. This will be an improvised performance with movement, music and words; something that was never seen before and that will never be seen again.

Zootrophic are a London based collective of actors, dancers and musicians, who make improvisational theatre that is beautiful to watch. They give space to music, dance and dialogues to tell stories from the edge of chaos and invent new forms of live and improvised story-telling.

in advance: €11.00 (discount €9.00) plus advance booking fee
box office:
€14.00 (discount €12.00)

Sorry, already sold out!

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