Anniversary-Special III: Last Wish

The international festival-ensemble will grant each other wishes still unfulfilled // Performed in English
Saturday, October 29th 2016 // tanz.speicher // 8.30 pm

Digging Deeper is the motto of this year's festival – and we’ll be digging deeper than ever here, in our signature show. Our international-festival ensemble will come together for a final time, after a week of intense work, play, and adventure. The words unsaid. The possibilities untried. The wishes still unfulfilled. In this show, our visiting artists will have an opportunity to express their wishes about what they want to experience on stage, with this particular cast, in this particular space and time, with this particular audience. The rest will do their best to fulfill these wishes, now, or never.

All actors will be active on stage all the time, to create a non-stop-experience, an almost electrical atmosphere. They will take you on a journey into unknown territory, onto undiscovered grounds. We cannot tell you where this path will lead you. We can promise, however, that by digging deep into the creative minds of these superb improvisers, the joined experience will unite everybody in the room and prove to be a wish fulfilled.

Created and directed by Maja Dekleva Lapajne from the world renowned Kolektiv Narobov from Ljubljana/Slovenia. Music by DJ Mama Cutsworth.

in advance: €10.50 (discount €8.50) plus advance booking fee
box office:
€13.00 (discount €11.00)

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