International Festival-Gala: Maestro™

Our international guests turn the stage into a battle arena // Performed in English
Thursday, October 27th 2016 // Bockshorn // 8.30 PM

Ladies and gentlemen – are you standing steady on solid ground? Is there anything you can hold on to in case of need? You ought to have prepared a glass of water. And a valium. No worries, these are the standard safety measures. Are you ready? Perfect!

More exciting, more excruciating, more uncompromising than ever before: prepare for the competition of the year. To kick off this year's festival, the best performers from every corner of the world will fight against each other to win the title that represents the fulfillment of all our wildest dreams: The Maestro. In the arena of the Bockshorn, they will do anything to be the one with their hands around the trophy. The atmosphere is hot. The emotions at 100 degrees. Ladies and gentlemen: be there when the air starts to boil.

in advance: €10.50 (discount €8.50) plus advance booking fee
box office: €13.00 (discount €11)

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