Double-Feature: Pretty Flower & Ist der Platz hier noch frei?

Saturday, October 27th 2018 // theater ensemble // 8.30 PM
Two shows that plunge beneath the surface to reveal what’s beneath // In German

Just like in real life – when people meet, our past defines our present.

Pretty Flower is an improv format from overseas. Its roots are with the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA, its buds spring wherever an offshoot has been planted. Tonight the Bremen based ensemble Frauen auf See will bring the Pretty Flower to Würzburg. In this chamber piece the performers will explore back-stories, quirks, tics and lovable eccentricities of their characters. As their stories intertwine, the characters allow their leaves to fall away and reveal their secrets.

Two strangers sit next to each other on a train – same destination, different objectives. One might be returning to her husband and family after a weekend with her lover. The other one might be moving back in with her parents following a difficult time in her life. One might be a drop-out while the other one follows her favourite band around. In their funny and touching spirit, Christine Sittenauer (Bühnenpolka, fastfood theater) and Stefanie Petereit (Für Garderobe keine Haftung, Schmidt's Katzen) will explore what connects these protagonists and reveal the things you may tell a person you think you’ll never see again.

Music by Jan Höcker.

in advance: €10.00 (discount €8.00) plus advance booking fee
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€12.00 (discount €10.00)

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