The Ferocious Four

Freitag, October 27th 2017 // theater ensemble // 8.30 PM
Step back fellas… the ladies have got this one // Performed in English

Want an improvised tale of action, power and heroines? Then you want The Ferocious Four! In this show, the talented cast of performers will create a story about a group of daredevils who team up to battle evil. Imagine a combination of Ghostbusters, the Fantastic Four and Jason Bourne. If you like cool characters and exciting action, you will love seeing these performers jump, move, chase, defuse, fight and basically... kick ass. Because they are bad-ass.

The Ferocious Four will be brought to Würzburg by the Amsterdam-based group of the same name. 


in advance: €11.00 (discount €9.00) plus advance booking fee
box office: €13
.00 (discount €11.00)

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