Double Feature: The Hidden Play & The B-Plan

A symbiosis of improvised and classical theatre // Performed in German
Saturday, October 29th 2016 // Theater am Neunerplatz // 8.30 pm

This show's motto is: “Two in one”, as two German-speaking ensembles will both present an innovative show format that explores the borderland of improvised and classical theatre - each in its very own way.

“Written or improvised?” - a question that intrigues both the actors and audience for this show. Between the improvised scenes hides a secret: a scene written in advance and already rehearsed. Can you guess which one it is? The actors of the Vienna-based ensemble 12 vor Fuchs will put the rule to the test: What makes improv and classical theatre different? An exploring expedition full of deception and entertainment.

“We have to show that the world is one that can be changed”, says Bert Brecht. The B-Plan follows this idea, showing us why we find it so difficult to see alternatives and fight for them. In the middle of global capitalism and confused by the alleged “complexity” sits a man looking for reasons to NOT get engaged. This is YOU and this is ME. Emotions don't help. In a show that is half fairytale, half laboratory experiment, the ensemble Improtheater Bremen uses Brecht’s ingenious methods of simplification and the attempts of Paul Sills and David Shephard to bring together Brecht and Commedia dell ́Arte. The B-Plan – an alternative to lacking alternatives.

Music by Jannis Kaffka.

in advance: €10.50 (discount €8.50) plus advance booking fee
box office:
€13.00 (discount €11.00)

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