The Wisdom of Play: Theatrical Improvisation and Practice

Participants: Level 5
Instructor: Alan Cox
The workshop will be taught in English 

Our work is impro, improv, or improvisation… but fundamentally, it’s theatre. And theatre’s storied history, it’s deep, thick roots, are always there for us to draw on, if we choose to. They provide a way to produce work that is powerful, even epic, and to see ourselves and our fellow performers as players on a global stage.

In this exploratory workshop, Alan Cox will lead us to look at contemporary improvisation practice and its roots in theatrical tradition. We will explore mythic systems, whether ancient pantheons or the world of middle earth. We will explore through our bodies, our sympathetic instruments to play and hear. We will explore using the echoing bell of language, heard in our greatest playwrights and available inside us all. All you need is your experience, imagination and enthusiasm for the performing arts. With a shared sense of play we will enter into epic dimensions of storytelling.


Alan Cox trained at LAMDA and has worked as an actor with the Royal Shakespeare Company, National Theatre and Chichester Festival, and most recently with the acclaimed Improbable. With Ken Campbell’s School of Night he has played at the Edinburgh Festival, Milan International Impro Festival, Impro-Amsterdam, Edmonton Improvaganza and more. In 2012 he first came to Würzburg.

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