Risky Business

Participants: Level 2
Instructor: Amy Shostak from Vancouver/Canada

The workshop will be taught in English

An improv show can have all the highs and lows of great art and visceral sport combined. But it’s not enough to pack up your favorite games into a well-rehearsed format. If you want your show to throb with life, you’ve got to take risks.

Using short form improvisation as a focus, this workshop will allow you to explore how different kinds of risk-taking affect the overall arc of a show, and how to make choices that keep things buoyant and fun. We’ll explore how to introduce and play games you don’t know, the thrill of sharing something personal with the audience and how to play into the meta-mischief of a show. Ultimately, these are principles that you can take with you into any show, whatever the form.


Amy Shostak is an improvisor and creator from Vancouver/Canada. She started improvising with Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre in 2002, and she served as the company's Artistic Director for six years. Amy is an experienced Theatresports™, Maestro™, and long-form performer, and she has guested with companies around the globe. In 2015, she was honored with an Excellence in Artistic Direction Award from the Mayor’s Celebration for the Arts in Edmonton. She’s played at many festivals all around the world. She enjoys heavy metal and napping.

For more info on Amy, visit www.amyshostak.ca


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