Participants: Professional Level
Instructor: Antonio Vulpio from Bologna/Italy

The workshop will be taught in English

When we first discover improv, we take what the world offers us. We are filled by the joyful magic we can create on stage, our naivité and curiosity are our biggest assets. But after a while we get filled up with rules. And it becomes easy to see in other players how they do things ‘wrong’. The more professional our approach becomes, the more we judge performers who are 'not getting it' and who are ‘difficult to work with.’ But are they?
In this workshop, we will change our point of view on the common "mistakes" of improv. These mistakes – even the most destructive offers - are opportunities to inspire us. Nothing can stop us when we want to be surprised, to be provoked, and to be carried away with the joy of the unexpected. We can reach a whole new level of excellence when we let go of how we think things should be and accept whatever is being offered. In that moment we control only one thing. Ourselves. And that’s enough.

Workshop factors: Emotional, Physical contact, a balance of Active and Reflective


Antonio Vulpio was drawn to improvisational theatre in 1996, and honed his technique through almost 20 years performing across Europe, the US, and Australia. In 2005 he helped create the “Orcas Island Project”, a small but truly international ensemble directed by Randy Dixon. Antonio is the artistic director of his company “Teatro a Molla” in Bologna. An accomplished actor, Antonio has worked in TV, short films, commercials, cabaret shows and radio announcing, and teaches improvisation focusing on the physical performer.

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