Bold and Risky Choices

Level: Intermediate
Instructor: Sarah Kinsella from Melbourne/Australia
The workshop will be taught in English
Duration: 12 hours

In this workshop you will be supported to make bold, spontaneous and risky choices on stage. Do you play the same type of characters in every show? When you’re performing, do you wish you could vary your go-to characters and play something completely different?

This workshop will give you the tools to tune into your impro patterns and behaviours and help you to develop ways to make new and bold choices leading to exciting and new discoveries on stage. Learn how to stop the inner conflict that goes on inside your head when on stage, allowing you to react naturally and spontaneously, rather than acting.

Sarah’s workshops create a positive hive mind, where risks are supported, and complete trust is fostered. Beyond all of that, you will have fun, laugh your ass off and leave the workshop on a high with more knowledge in your impro tool belt.

Level of activity (1, 2 or 3): 2
Workshop Factors: Emotional, Personal sharing

Sarah Kinsella is a founding member of Impro Melbourne Australia, with over 20 years’ experience as an improviser, actor-comedian, business trainer and teacher who has created shows for theatre, corporate groups and schools. Sarah is fearless and hilarious in equal measure switching between comedy and pathos in a heartbeat. She brings mischief, energy and commitment to both the stage and in her workshops. Also, she will bring to each class a uniquely Australian perspective of technical skill and energy. To find out more about Sarah, visit

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