Gaining Perspective: Personal Coaching And Feedback

Level: Professional
Instructor: Stephen Kearin from Los Angeles, USA
The workshop will be taught in English
16 hours

Looking for the next challenge in your improvisation career? Have you taken  workshops of all shapes and colors and now seek an outside eye on the whole range of your work? Then this is workshop is for you. Instead of focusing on a specific topic, it will focus on the person who is the most important in either helping or hindering you in moving forward: you.

Strengths and weaknesses will be identified and you'll get guidance in how to take your impro to the next level. Stephen will help you to step outside of yourself to get a good look at the improvisor you are – and the best one you can be.

Level of activity (1, 2 or 3): 2
Workshop Factors: Emotional, Critical

Stephen Kearin began his career in 1987 with Bay Area Theatresports in San Francisco, where he was a company member for 14 years. He is a founding member of the renowned Impro Theatre in LA which Stage & Cinema describes as a company that has “as high a degree of general excellence in writing, acting, and direction as I have seen in any theater company in America.” Since 2006, at Dreamworks Animation, he has served as the improv reader for Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, Jack Black, Brad Pitt, Will Ferrell, Reese Witherspoon, Gary Oldman, Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, among others. Stephen has been a visiting instructor at Stanford University, CalTech, Disney and Dreamworks Animation and Cirque Du Soleil.

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