Getting Unstuck & Uncovering the Story

Level: Advanced
Instructor: Jo McGinley from Los Angeles, USA
The workshop will be taught in English
Duration: 16 hours

A compelling presence on stage can create a compelling story. This class introduces the concepts of Patsy Rodenburg’s The Second Circle, an effective presence and awareness training. It knits into the world of narrative improvisation, and creates dynamic scene work and stagecraft that ultimately forms a foundation for spontaneous theatre.

Students will learn:

  1. To identify patterns that are in their way, and will learn the skills to adjust their body, breath, and voice so they can be present under pressure.
  2. How to create a character’s point of view in the moment, and physicalize it in a way that creates a dynamic scene instantly.
  3. How to create narrative by going deeper into the current moment.
  4. How to take the work seriously, but not take yourself too seriously.

Jo loves working with the individual in front of her, and creates a clear game plan to allow for growth and potential breakthroughs. This class is very physical so come prepared to move.

Level of activity (1, 2 or 3): 2
Workshop Factors: Physical, Emotional, High tempo, Critical, Higher demand for English language

Jo McGinley is a pioneer in narrative improvisation, and the author of “Improvising Plays & Films” a genre bible available in the fall of 2019. Jo’s specialty has been bringing the work of Patsy Rodenburg’s presence and awareness training, and knitting that into the world of improvised genre narrative. She is a founding member of Impro Theatre in Los Angeles. She is a main company member and director of such genres as Twilight Zone UnScripted, Passion Noir, Tennessee Williams, RomCom and more. To find our more about Jo, visit

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