Support, as a Soloist

Participants: Advanced Level
Instructor: Gretchen Eng from Chicago/USA

The workshop will be taught in English

Support is key to long form improvisation, but also easy to misunderstand. Players scared of being selfish often avoid strong personal choices and forsake a strong point of view - and they can hold off from clearly defining their characters, affecting the quality of the scenework.
In this workshop, we explore what it means to support by not holding yourself back but by coming out with strong and fearless offers. We’ll present bold characters that command the stage, while still honouring group mind and investing in our teammates. We'll explore how to introduce solo improv scenes, inspired by events in the show. And we’ll play with strong thematic choices that fuel the world of an improv set.
The workshop will include a brief crash course in the Harold show structure, including how to create a show unified by theme more than story, through characters, relationships, and group work.

Workshop factors: Emotional, Personal sharing, Higher demand for English language, Some grounding in The Harold, or other scene-based long form improvisation useful


At 16, Chicago native Gretchen Eng started sketch and improv with the Second City Teen Ensemble. Since then, she has primarily performed long-form in Chicago venues including the Annoyance Theater and the Second City. At iO Chicago, she currently coaches, leads workshops, and performs with the "Best Harold team 2017" Devil’s Daughter and The Armando Diaz Experience, as well as in several original comedic musicals.

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