Comic Devices

Participants: Level 4 and higher
Kevin Scott from New York City / USA
The workshop will be taught in English

Try to answer the phone while the soap makes you slippery in the shower. Meet the hip hop grandma and the confident computer nerd. Be the world's worst party clown. In this workshop you will dig deep into the field of comedic improvisation!

Getting the audience to laugh is easy – we can always make a funny reference, a quick joke or play the weirdo... but these tricks get old and the audience gets tired of them. Keeping scenes funny and the audience interested means improvising with structure and concepts towards a comedic story. Kevin Scott will introduce you to the comic devices that will make you go beyond your usual comic premises towards hilarious scenes and continuous comedy. Let the fun begin!


Kevin Scott is the founder of three renowned improv ensembles in the States. Kevin has been an educator and director for The Second City Training Center and People’s Improv Theater. Some former students have gone on to TV, film and stage careers as performers, writers and producers on Saturday Night Live, The Office, Bridesmaids, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, 30 Rock and many others.

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