The Tour Mágico - magical realism and reality

Participants:  Level 3
Instructor: Omar Argentino Galván from Argentina via Madrid, Spain

The workshop will be taught in English
Duration: 12 hours

Improvising can feel magical. In this workshop, we'll let the magic pour into the content of our scenes. Omar Argentino Galván will lead participants in exploring “Magical Realism” – a  genre created by Latin American poets and authors – and its power in improvisation. The “Tour Magico” is an excuse to try different things, an inspiration to learn and offers us a new language in our scenework.

Exploring the power of ghosts, characters neither living or death, the reimagining of empty space, reality planes, different ways to work with imaginary objects and layering scenes with sound painting This workshop will let you discover and understand a Latin American style of improvisation through Omar’s continual exploration of what is possible in improvisation.

Workshop factors: Emotional, High Tempo, Poetical (exploring many tones of work)


Omar Argentino Galván is one of the main influencers of the Spanish improv scene. His work is characterized by a blend of magical realism and theatrical narrative rarely seen in improv theatre, which he explores in the book Del salto al vuelo – “from the leap, into flight.” He has two solo shows and is a member of different ensembles with prominent international theatre companies. His nonstop “Improtour” has been touring the world since 2000 and has visited more than thirty-five countries across the five continents, including a round-the-world trip last year. Find him at

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