When words are not enough... Improv and Singing

Participants: Level 1 and higher
Instructor: Peter Huber
from Hamburg / Germany
The workshop will be taught in German

„Singing? Well, I can't sing at all.“ Forget these words! Sing badly, sing off-key, sing however you feel like - the only thing that matters is that music is expression! If words alone are not enough to articulate what a charater feels – we start singing! In this workshop you will get to know various ways of creating improvised songs. You will learn about different music genres, get into rhythmical excercises and be more confident in using your voice. Let go of your insecurities! This workshop is all about fun and exploring! Everything is easier with music. Improvising as well.


Peter Huber is a guitarist, pianist and voice coach. In 2003 he started working with the Improvisationstheater Steife Brise in Hamburg and has since accompanied them in many shows. Also, he regularly tours with various artists, has his own record label and teaches all over Europe.


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