What is our story about? Authenticity, Opinions, Soliloquies.

Level: Advanced
Instructor: Ignacio Lopez from Madrid/Spain
The workshop will be taught in English
Duration: 12 hours

We are improvisers and storytelling is in our blood. But even though we know how to drive a story forward, sometimes we have a hard time identifying the core of a scene. What was the story really about? To give it meaning, we can't just focus on narrative. We have to work from our characters' personal truths and show them in all their complexity. In this workshop we will dig deep into the minds of the characters we portray. We will be using tools such as soliloquies to shed a light on their opinions. A compelling performance needs beauty as well as ugliness… if we put on a show without these aspects, we deny ourselves and the audience to experience the whole spectrum of human existence and the pleasure of emotional release.

Level of activity (1, 2 or 3): 2
Workshop Factors: Sensitive content

Ignacio López is an actor, director, playwright and screenwriter from Madrid/Spain. He has cofounded “Impromadrid Teatro” and since 1998 he's been working as an actor and director in the shows of the company, including "Corten ", "Nuevo Catch de Impro ", "Teatruras ", “Jardines” and many more. When not improvising at home in Madrid, Ignacio travels the world teaching and performing. The improv formats he has created have been presented in more than 15 countries worldwide. Also, Ignacio was sporting his beard long before it was trendy!

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