Donation for scholarships & the festival

Dear friends of the Würzburger festival and improvised theatre,

it's been a totally crazy year! For a long time it was not clear whether it makes any sense at all to hold the festival in October. But we decided that we want to continue despite the uncertainty. We will give everything to make the festival possible this October!

Due to the crisis we have to face some financial losses. But of course we know that many people working in arts and culture face similar problems. Every year, our festival allows improvisers from all over the world to train improv in professional workshops and thus develop this art form. The results can be seen in our varied and innovative show program at the festival.

But this year some people will not be able to afford the participation in one of the six festival workshops for financial reasons. That's why we've thought about a scholarship program to reach exactly these people and enable them to be part of the festival. You can help us to support them and the Würzburger Improtheaterfestival!

We have summarized all information here:

If you got through the crisis well and have some money left, we would be happy if you support us and the community! Please transfer your donation to the following account:

Würzburg Improv Theatre Festival e.V.
Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg
IBAN: EN31 7905 0000 0047 6076 68

Workshop participants of this year's festival can transfer their donation together with the participation fee. More information can be found in the registration form.

When making your donation, you can indicate whether your contribution is to be used explicitly for the scholarship only, or whether we may use the amount where it is needed most urgently. Please note "donation" or "donation scholarship" in the intended purpose.

The concept is simple: Three people get a discount of 161€ on their workshop fee and therefore only have to pay 59€. With your help we want to finance three more scholarships. As soon as the amount for another scholarship is collected, it will be given to the next waiting applicant. If, after three additional scholarships, there is still money left, the surplus will be donated to the Würzburger Festival. In this way you're making a contribution to the future of the Würzburg Improtheaterfestival and we will be able to continue celebrating improvised theatre in all its facets together with you!

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