Cancelled: Online Workshop Body - Voice - Rhythm

Aliki Dourmazer is back!

After she brought her Workshop Voice is the Bodyto Würzburg in 2018 we are happy to have Aliki Dourmazer from Thessaloniki back! This time together with her amazing colleague Eilon Morris from Great Britain with his Workshop Habitual Rhythms.

Are you ready to work on voice, body, rhythm all the same time, all together, and digital?

Video by Giorgos Alexakis

The offer includes both workshops. Half of the time is spent with Aliki (Voice is the Body), the other half with Eilon (Habitual Rhythms).

Aliki Dourmazer

Aliki Dourmazer will lead this Voice workshop focusing on the organic discovery of voice through its corporeal dimension. In this workshop we will explore voice in direct connection with specific areas of the body and their different expressive vocal qualities, allowing the performer to shape his voice with ease and openness, to expand his vocal range as well as his expressive palette that can be used in singing and performance.
Working in their own domestic spaces participants will work on a complete body/head vocal warm up, various techniques on natural and diaphragmatic breathing, tools for a holistic preparation of the vocal instruments, locating and connecting with body resonators as well as the detailed formation of sound and melody. In order to discover their unique voice we follow a specific physical exploration, voice and listening awareness and guided movement. They will have the opportunity to sing short practice songs in order to explore pitch, melody and good breath support.They will be encouraged into patchwork singing, one following the other, unifying their voices through this online medium.
Working from our own living spaces we have the opportunity to explore : How does my voice resonate in my own space and what kind of impulses do I get from this space to create soundscapes? How does the familiar domestic space help me to focus on my vocal vibration and carry it around the room? How does the act of singing in my room liberates the way I inhabit the space I live in?
All the above on the basis of acceptance of our voice, playfulness and pleasure in the process.

Aliki Dourmazer is an actress, performer, voice trainer, vocalist and a physical theatre teacher and director. She is a teacher of Physical Theatre in the Drama School of NationalTheatre in Northern Greece and she has founded the Physical Theatre Performance School Present Being Performer Laboratory in Thessaloniki where she teaches and directs. She was a co-founding member of the international theatre ensemble DUENDE . She has a Bachelor degree in Theatre Studies and an MA in Ensemble Physical Theatre (University of Huddersfiled (UK). She has worked as an educator on Physical Theatre and Voice through lessons, workshops and masterclasses in drama schools, theatre groups, Universities in Greece and around Europe and has co- organized and theatre Residencies. She is continuously researching the the areas of voice and movement in creative artistic groups.

Eilon Morris will lead this weekend workshop focusing on the rhythms of our bodies and the spaces we inhabit. This workshop offers a space to explore the rhythms of daily lives and environments. Playing with the ways these entwine and interact, we will use these experiences as a basis for creative explorations, developing greater awareness and freedom within the familiarity of our personal rhythms and patterns of movement and sound and building tools and strategies that can be applied to improvisation and performance.

Working in their own spaces, participants will be led through various exercises aimed at developing sensitivity, sympathy, relationship and play. Starting from simple games and improvisation tasks, we will gradually explore various rhythmic elements including, tempo, pulse, cycles and phrases of movement and sound, exploring ways of transitioning between familiar and unfamiliar patterns.

The wide spread changes in lifestyle, brought about by lock-downs around the world offer an opportunity to reflect on our personal and societal rhythms, how we relate to and interact with the spaces around us, and the patterns we inhabit. This workshop is an invitation to play and reflect on these themes in our own spaces.


Eilon Morris is an actor, percussionist, improviser and educator, who has been teaching workshops and masterclasses on rhythm and musicality around the world over the last fifteen years. He is member of ICEBERG, DUENDE and OBRA Theatre Co. and has performed with Royal Shakespeare Company and BBC Radio. In 2017, Eilon published Rhythm in Acting and Performance: Embodied Approaches and Understandings, (Bloomsbury, Methuen Drama), building on his PhD research into rhythm in actor-training, completed in 2013 at the University of Huddersfield.


Aliki and Eilon teach from 31.7. to 2.8. at the following times:

- on Friday from 5-8 pm (1.5 hours each with Aliki and Eilon)
- on saturday from 10-12 am and 3-5 pm (2 h each with Aliki and Eilon)
- on Sunday from 10-12.30 am and 3-5.30 pm (2,5 h each with Aliki and Eilon)


Online via Zoom


The workshop can be booked completely (12 hours) or as a short version (7 hours on Friday and Saturday). In addition, Early Bird tickets are available until 15 July.

- Complete package: Friday - Sunday (12h workshop): Early Bird 100€, afterwards 120€
- Short version: Friday & Saturday (7h workshop): Early Bird 65€, afterwards 80€

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