This year's festival team


First off, here comes Christoph. He is in charge of all marketing issues and he is also our liaison with cultural and political institutions to help connect the festival to the rest of the city.


We’re also super thrilled to have Kathrin on the team once again. This year she’ll be in charge of all matters concerning our lovely participants and she’ll be running the improv office during the weekend. Hooray for Kathrin!


The third member of our team is Lena. She is one half of the artistic board and she’s also taking care of all the volunteers and helping hands that make the festival what it is - an exciting event in a cozy atmosphere.


New on the team is this lovely gentleman: Alex! He’ll be taking care of all technical issues and logistics. We’re excited to work with you. Great to have you on board!


Last but not least, we’d like to introduce the heart of the festival. She is the second half of the artistic board and - most importantly - she is the one overseeing the entire process and keeping everything together. Luisa!

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