The Shell Game

The International Festival-Ensemble between fact and fiction // In English
Saturday, October 24th 2015 // Mainfranken Theater // 8.30 pm

Given the choice, could you tell the difference between truth and fiction? In The Shell Game most of the stories are true - The first kiss. The near death experience. The night alone in the haunted house. But occasionally the story teller will try to deceive you. Can you catch him?

The Shell Game entertains you with stories that feel like they have come from your very own life and challenges you with the task of seeing when you are being manipulated. Three people are invited to reveal their hidden secrets on stage. One must always tell the truth. One must always lie. Who knows what the third person will do? Not even the actors know until the final moments when the ultimate truth is revealed.

The International Festival-Ensemble featuring some of the world's best improvisers combines talents to present this new format for the very first time in Europe. Presented by Shawn Kinley from Calgary / Canada.

in advance: €10.50 (discount €8.50) plus advance booking fee
box office:
€13.00 (discount €10.00)

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